MASS Response to Ride2 Launch

December 13, 2018

This Tuesday [December 11, 2018], to deal with the Seattle Squeeze, Mayor Durkan announced an app-driven service, Ride2, to give West Seattle residents a ride to the bus or water taxi. 

We applaud the City of Seattle and King County Metro for their efforts to improve first- and last-mile service. However, given the 90,000 people who drive on the viaduct each day and the urgent environmental necessity of moving away from fossil-fuel transportation, we hope that the City is planning a response to the Seattle Squeeze that is orders of magnitude larger. 

Also on Tuesday Move All Seattle Sustainably (MASS) proposed citywide improvements in 2019 for emergency bus lanes and safe walking and biking routes to give people alternatives to traffic. We estimate that the twenty specific bus proposals alone could speed up over a quarter million trips per weekday. The City of Seattle itself has estimated that once fully built out the Basic Bike Network will move 110,000 trips per day. Furthermore, the current 42,000 walking commute trips could double with clear sidewalks and improved signals for walking.

It takes time for new programs like Ride2 to gain ridership; Eastgate’s Ride2 service pilot has averaged less than 100 rides per weekday since its October launch. With economies of scale already in place for biking, walking, and transit to and through downtown, MASS urges sweeping investments in bus lines, the Basic Bike Network, and sidewalk improvements to help us address the Seattle Squeeze with urgency. We look forward to working with Mayor Durkan and eagerly await a response as to whether she will direct SDOT to begin implementing these common sense proposals from MASS.