RELEASED 07/16/19: MASS Transportation Package 2019

Seattle can have a world-class, multimodal transportation system

…that moves people efficiently and reliably. We can slash Seattle’s carbon emissions and be a model for others cities by taking real action on climate change. We can have a city where people of all ages can walk to the store or bike to the park without close calls in intersections, or hop on a bus without getting stuck in gridlock. We can achieve Seattle’s stated goal of zero traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030. We can create an equitable transportation system that treats mobility as a human right.

But right now, Seattle is not on track.

The Seattle Squeeze is making gridlock worse and slowing transit travel times. We are not on track to achieve Vision Zero, or even Seattle’s insufficient Climate Action Plan. We can’t get on track without moving swiftly to prioritize public transit, walking, biking, and freight mobility, and minimize reliance on private vehicles.

We need city leaders to step up. Actions taken, or not taken, in 2019 will be critical to our city’s success— or failure. That’s why Move All Seattle Sustainably (MASS) formed in fall 2018. We are a coalition of multimodal transportation and climate advocates dedicated to creating a carbon-neutral, equitable, and livable city for all. Join us!